Just the other day I was explaining; Whether you’re recruiting new Realtors or new sellers it is powerful to proclaim your firm uses professional photography exclusively. When a portion of your growth strategy involves adding new talent, this approach can prove to be invaluable. We believe to be competitive today you must have something to offer new Realtors.

New Realtors are looking for advantages that make them better, like training. Some brokerages have used the “great training here” recruiting model very well. If your goal is to compete with that then simply offer an alternative. Offering Broker Photo Benefits could be the answer to the new Realtors desire to be a better Realtor.

Today's climate of hyper online visual presence makes the thought of guaranteed photo greatness very appealing to new Realtors and sellers alike. Especially when photos alone initiate buyer engagement online. This service is exclusively offered by Foda Yoda so please inquire within. 


Compete Harder for those Listings

As a Realtor, you might need to compete to obtain listings from time to time. If a seller's choice is between a real estate professional who uses professional photography versus a Real estate agent that doesn’t, they are most probably going to select the one who uses the pro. Real estate property is a huge investment for most people so you definitely want to market with that in mind. We owe it to our clients to put something nice forth on their behalf. Making use of professional photography is no longer expensive thanks to new apps like Foda Yoda. It's worth the investigation. A point to note; After the proverbial question, "Why should I use you?" It feels powerful when you can say “I always use professional photography.” When using professional photography, you are solidifying your professionalism in marketing in the seller's mind. That screams you mean business.


UBL (Ultimate Best Light)

Ever since I can remember starting with my sister Sandra, photography was rooted within the family. She was always the one taking photos of the family and this was a time before everyone was responsible for their own photo taking. My older brother followed shortly after. He actually made a living as a photojournalist but then choosing the stability as a staff photographer for the Democratic party. But one thing I remember hearing them both say " This isn't the best light, we have to move over here." This attributed to a lot of mild family frustration during the holidays.

Those were the good old days. But it instilled a value that we run our business on today. We call it UBL. The Ultimate Best Light is what we strive strive for every time. This one aspect of photography is paramount in getting great property photos. Especially in RE photography. Home photos with shadows all over it really affect the mood and feel of a property. Which is important. If Instagram has taught us anything it's that photos affect our mood. Prudently thinking, we shouldn't lose sight of that just because subconsciously we view these photos as utilitarian. So strive for UBL like we do for great results! I don't just mean great photos, I mean faster sales too.

Pro Photos Still Best Option

In 2010, around 80% of homebuyers searched the Internet to find their dream house. After four years, in 2016, the percentage of people looking to buy a home through the Internet increased to 89%. Consumers are becoming sharp and savvy with more technology devices like iPads, smart phones and tablets. These consumers are basically those who are looking to buy real estate properties and want to make purchases online. Trends show us that they recognizing how to make use of technology and they are also getting better at recognizing professional real estate photos as compared to point and shoot.

With so much competition out there, it is extremely vital for you to have professional photos as they are the first thing seen and like the saying goes “first impression is the last impression.”

Professional Photos VS Less Professional Photos

If you are listing a home in a higher bracket then you definitely need professional photos to match the rest of the competition. But let’s just say you’re in the middle-income bracket and you are listing a property with less than professional photography. Look at the example pics below. These are the types of situations most realtors are faced with daily. They are tasked with making the ordinary appear inviting. People don’t know it but they want the photos to make them feel a certain way. It’s not just seeing all that the photo contains like the tile floors or built in cabinets but how the photo makes them feel. Below, the top photo is the professional photo. Notice how the stairs are lit up as opposed to the other photo. Lighting the stairs balances out the photo. The entire photo is bright and gives a warm feeling even though I see built-in’s that aren’t built in. It takes away the dark hole feeling the other photo gives off. It staves off any negative feelings potentially produced by the Built-ins current state. Well you may say “the difference isn’t that significant.” That’s because we are only examining one photo but if you’re looking at 16 poorly lit photos then the whole spread makes the house appear to be a cold dark place. Warm those photos up. With just a common listing to work with make use the advantages for yourself and stand out from the competition by embracing professional photography.